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Promote a variety of manufacturing operations through constant research and development that focuses on nature and the environment, and to enhance the enjoyment of life.

ZEN Outdoor

  • ZEN Outdoor wants to take a small and quiet approach towards nature through our business activities. Since designing lighter and innovative equipment is the best solution, ZEN Outdoor will continue to research and design advanced equipment with less resources.

    Functional outdoor equipment to think the Earth

    We pursue coexistence with nature in corporate activities such as outdoor service.Through companies and organizations that share our values ​, We are trying to work to conserve nature. And through ongoing collaboration with global environmental protection and education organization LNT (Leave To Trace) official sponsor such as a more substantial participation and contribution to the one we want to give future generations a better environment in the future.



  • The business we started as opening a professional community site in 2002, Currently we have snowboard wear and accessories has led to distribution. Since 2013 Barrel to launch a brand of snowboarding wear and beach wear, we are also rapidly moving to take the leading brand role in South Korea.

    BARREL is surfing, diving, SUP, wakeboarding, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and clothing protecting water sports enthusiasts from the outside environment and action to enable a more comfortable action, research and development accessories, designed to brand.