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ZEN & VENTURES has actively achieved continuous growth in IT Services. Also strongly developing Outdoor&Sports business to think about the life and nature, entertainment business to improve the quality of the life.
  • IT

    Korea’s Best IT service company composed with Professional Subsidiary Companies in Overall IT Field

    We are leading the e-Commerce, Mobile Service, UX Consulting, DB Consulting and other IT markets in Korea. We hold specialized and professional subsidiaries in planning, consulting, design, development, database, solutions, and infrastructure establishment services.

    UZEN Commerce
    UZEN PlanA(Service Consulting)
    UZEN Soft(Software Distribution)
    UZEN Japan(Japanese Corporations)
    UZEN China(Chinese Corporations)
  • Outdoor & Sports

    Promising Effort & Success in
    New Ventures Improving the Quality
    of Life

    We are carrying forward with innovative business models that can improve quality of life and emphasize both humanity and the environment. We are developing an environmentally friendly outdoor brand, Zerogram, and innovative technical beachwear, BARREL.

    ZEN Outdoor(ZEROGRAM)
  • Entertainment

    New challenges for the entertainment and contents marketing business to improve the quality of life

    A unique color scheme which aims to make TV content production ZEN Production and discover a hidden talent that is benign by expanding its entertainment business through ZEN Stars such as global to encompass national and international artists.

    ZEN Production
    ZEN Stars


Company ZEN & VENTURES Co., Ltd. CEO Sang Hoon Lee
Field of Business
e-Commerce SI/SM
e-Commerce Solution
Service and UI/UX consulting
Mobile & Smart Device
Data Consulting
Solution Distribution Business
[Outdoor & Sports]
Outdoor Equipment & Sportswear Production
Action Sports Apparel Production
Date of Establishment December 5th 2003
Number of Employees 200
Sales in Last 3 Years 2011: $1,310,000
2012: $1,620,000
2013: $2,090,000
2014: $1,980,000
Address Teheran-ro 20-gil Floor 6&9, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yeoksma-dong, Dong-goon Building)
TEL. 02-6927-7933
FAX. 02-6927-9154
웹사이트 http://www.uzen.net

We unify the East Asia as one.

A Global Alliance of Enthusiastic Companies Always Searching For New Opportunities,UZEN enjoys the adventure of guiding small but energetic companies,professional and specialized in their own fields. Our exciting prospects will not be limited within one country but will continue to expand globally.