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ZEN & VENTURES is a for-profit firm, but it is also an organization of people aiming for same goal, and a human-centered community. Based on strong community, we will be a model business fulfilling our responsibility to improve human society.

  • Respectable Firm Making Contributions to Improving Human Society

    ZEN & VENTURES strives to be a respectable firm contributing to the advancement of human society and preservation of the environment by fulfilling our responsibility to humans and to nature.
    Our core value is to respect and care for people and the planet.

  • A Global Alliance of Enthusiastic Companies Always Searching For New Opportunities

    ZEN & VENTURES enjoys the adventure of guiding small but energetic companies, professional and specialized in their own fields. Our exciting prospects will not be limited within one country but will continue to expand globally.

  • A Long-Lasting
    Community Dedicated to Mutual Growth

    ZEN & VENTURES prioritizes employee happiness, self-fulfillment, and quality of life over simply chasing after profits and efficiency. UZEN will continue to communicate with society through innovative & ethical management and CSR, hoping for a society with happy communities and businesses.