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UZEN is service-specialized firm and the best IT partner for ensuring your business’ success. We provide Total Solution Service, which includes Service Consulting & Planning, UI design, Data System Infrastructure, Solutions, and general establishment and operation for systems and services.
  • Commerce

    e-Commerce Service Establishment based on u-Framework
    Commerce Service Consulting & Planning: Service Establishment Strategy (Global & Local), UX Design Strategy, Operation Optimization Strategy
    Digital Contents Marketplace Establishment: App Store / e-Book Store / Ticketing Service Establishment
    Interactive UI Design/Development

  • Mobile & Smart device

    Smart Device Service/UI Planning
    Interactive UI Design/Development
    N-Screen Service Strategy Consulting
    Mobile Business Solutions
    Web Standardization/Cross-browsing & Cross-device

  • Data Consulting

    Data Architecture: Data Analysis/Design and Implementation/Integration, Tuning, and Quality Assurance
    Data Security: Data Security and Risk Management
    Big Data: Big Data Platforms and Analysis

  • Solution Distribution

    Application Performance Management (Jennifer)
    Protection and Availability Storage (Actifio)
    H/A Clustering and Data Replication (SteelEye)